Georgia Real Estate Post-Licensing for Salespersons


The Georgia Postlicensing for Real Estate Salespersons Course satisfies Georgia’s official 25-hour postlicensing requirement. The course also fulfills the Real Estate Commission’s objective of giving Georgia real estate licensees a carefully developed reinforcement of key real estate brokerage principles, concepts, and practices necessary to initiate a productive, professional career in real estate.

The purpose of this course is to provide real estate salespersons in Georgia with information they need to serve clients in real estate transactions. This course compares and contrasts salespersons’ responsibilities to those of a broker or brokerage firm and to those of a client. The course focuses on the state and federal laws that regulate how salespersons should interact with buyers and sellers, what kinds of things salespersons should disclose, and what documents are necessary to complete a real estate transaction. The course also explores the process of a real estate transaction in detail, from finding potential listings and clients, to listing and selling properties, to accepting a contract, to closing. The course hones in on specific practical topics, like how to price residential property, how to identify property lines, and how to properly advertise listings. Topics relevant to real estate investment, such as property management, leasing, and property transfer are also covered. Finally, the course covers techniques that salespersons can implement to comply with the NAR Code of Ethics, manage their exposure to disciplinary action and penalties, and protect their personal safety when showing a listing or visiting clients. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • explain how the Georgia Real Estate Commission administers regulations and how those regulations apply to you
  • comply with state and federal regulations such as the Fair Housing Act
  • differentiate between your responsibilities as a salesperson and the management responsibilities of the brokerage firm
  • identify safety risks and implement best practices to keep yourself and your clients safe
  • assess whether a buyer is financially qualified to purchase a property
  • discuss federal lending regulations and how to ensure the loan process is compliant
  • guide a buyer or seller through the real estate transaction process from listing to closing
  • navigate a foreclosure or short sale and your duties in each
  • recognize ethical dilemmas and respond appropriately

Designed For

Georgia real estate salespersons who are newly licensed or in their first year of licensure

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