CA 9-Hour Combined Survey Course


This 9-hour California update survey course covers the seven mandatory core topics that California real estate professionals must complete during their second and subsequent license renewal periods. 

The course explores important topics that impact the everyday practices of brokers and salespersons including agency law, ethics, fair housing, trust fund management, implicit bias, and management and supervision. Those who have a solid understanding of these topics can ensure that they will maintain the professional standards required by the real estate industry. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • discuss the disclosures that must be made regarding agency relationships, including the timing of those disclosures
  • recognize the ethical duties licensees owe to clients and customers
  • list the protected classes under federal and California fair housing laws
  • describe discriminatory acts under fair housing laws and the penalties that may be imposed
  • define implicit and explicit bias and list steps licensees can take to overcome such biases
  • identify common areas of risk associated with licensee activities including agency disclosure duties, trust fund handling, office management, team advertising, fair housing compliance, and property disclosure
  • explain the main requirements licensees must follow when handling trust funds
  • describe a supervising broker’s management and supervision duties

Designed For

California salespersons and brokers who are renewing their licenses for the second time and all subsequent renewals 

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