West Virginia Broker Supervision


Brokers have critically important supervisory duties with regard to managing a brokerage and are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards. Directing the firm's operations, handling licenses, supervising licensees and other staff, and establishing company policies on agency are just a few of their many duties. They are also responsible for ensuring that advertisements comply with federal and state law and that earnest money and trust accounts are properly maintained. Importantly, brokers must be aware of the types of real estate practices that may lead to disciplinary action.

This course meets the 3-hour West Virginia Broker Supervision continuing education requirement.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • identify the leadership qualities and supervisory skills for managing brokers
  • explain the process of developing well-written office policy and procedures manuals
  • describe the process of recruiting, selecting, and hiring licensed agents and unlicensed assistants
  • explain a broker's responsibility to resolve disputes in a company and implement practices to ensure agent retention
  • describe a broker's duty to supervise marketing and advertising activities
  • identify the requirements of managing a brokerage trust account and the proper handling of escrow money
  • describe a broker's supervisory duties with regard to ensuring compliance with licensing rules, anti-trust law, environmental laws, and fair housing laws
  • explain how to create a solid risk management plan and the importance of business ethics in the real estate profession

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Brokers and associate brokers in West Virginia

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