Social Media with a K.I.S.S.


Whether you're a seasoned veteran looking to refresh your marketing strategy or a new agent eager to harness the power of social media, this course will help you transform your online presence, expand your client base, and take your real estate career to the next level.

What you will learn

Upon conclusion of this course, you will be able to: 
  • explain the seven "E's" of social media-entertain, educate, energize, engage, empathize, encourage, ebullience
  • select the best social media platforms to use based on your target audience and message
  • assess clients' goals and pain points and explain how homeownership can improve their lives
  • create social media campaigns that answer clients' questions about buying and selling homes
  • build a strategy and brand to engage with prospects on social media and convert them to clients
  • explain the importance of joining groups and posting videos on Facebook and Instagram
  • identify why TikTok offers an opportunity to stand out and grow your brand
  • state the purpose of maintaining a strong presence on LinkedIn
  • describe strategies for using YouTube to connect with prospects and grow a client base
  • explain the critical role metrics play in assessing whether social media posts are effective

Designed For:

Real estate licensees at all stages of their careers who want to learn social media marketing strategies to grow their business and connect with clients

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