Kentucky Core Law


This course reviews a number of critically important Kentucky rules and regulations that licensees need to understand to perform their professional duties ethically and lawfully. It explores agency and disclosure rules, advertising, listing and offer to purchase contracts, fair housing issues, teams, and license law updates. It has been developed by the Kentucky Real Estate Commission as a reminder of the basic requirements of license laws.

This six-hour course must be completed by all active licensees once every four years. This course satisfies the three-hour law and three-hour elective requirement for licensees in the year it is taken.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • describe how to comply with Kentucky licensing requirements
  • recognize the advertising rules that licensees must follow
  • distinguish between the Guide to Agency Relationships and the Agency Consent Agreement
  • identify the types of properties where the seller's disclosure form is used and licensees' duties regarding the form
  • recognize the legal requirements of a listing contract and an offer to purchase contract
  • review the principal broker's duties when there is a team in the company
  • review the legal requirements of a property management agreement
  • identify the protected classes under the Fair Housing Act and the types of actions that constitute unlawful discrimination
  • •name the three paths a consumer has to file a complaint against a licensee
  • state the types of disciplinary actions that may be taken against licensees for violations

Designed For

Kentucky real estate licensees

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