Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage


The cost of prescription medication touches many U.S. consumers, but seniors may be the most severely affected. Fortunately, Medicare provides prescription drug coverage through Part D of the Medicare program. Producers who serve the senior market must understand this element of Medicare so they can more effectively and suitably assist their clients and prospects.

This course provides a comprehensive study of Medicare Part D -- its function, benefit and operation - as well as information about programs that can help qualifying individuals pay for their Part D costs, and how producers can assist clients in select a suitable, appropriate plan.

Learning Objectives

Upon conclusion of this course, students will understand:

  • how Part D fits with Medicare Parts A, B, and C in the overall context of Medicare
  • the basic features of Part D
  • how Medicare Part D works
  • how participants can save on Medicare Part D costs
  • the steps to take to enroll in Part D

Designed For

Licensed life and health insurance producers, licensed pre-need brokers, funeral directors, advisors working with senior clients

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