Personal Safety


While most people probably don't think of real estate as being a dangerous industry, the reality is somewhat different. Real estate professionals routinely meet new clients who are strangers, conduct open houses, and show vacant properties, all of which can put them at risk. Often, personal safety becomes a concern only when a tragic headline makes the news, such as stories of real estate agents who were killed, abducted, or attacked while showing homes.

This course examines the risk factors that are unique to real estate professionals as well as some of the warning signs that a situation might become dangerous. It also explores different best practices that licensees can use to ensure their own safety as well as to keep their clients' personal information safe, which can help prevent identity theft, another threat to personal safety.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • explain why it's important to adopt personal safety protocols to use every day
  • describe ways to safely use social media and advertising
  • list best practices to follow when showing properties and conducting open houses
  • explain how to avoid or respond to dangerous situations
  • describe how to protect yourself and your clients from identity theft
  • recognize the different safety apps and devices that promote safety

Designed For

All real estate licensees

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