Virginia Broker Mandatory Topics


Virginia principal and supervising real estate brokers have important management responsibilities under Virginia real estate law. This course explains the steps brokers can take to minimize risk, the importance of disclosure, avoiding antitrust violations, and lawfully handling earnest money. Other topics include creating a visions and mission statement, legal advertising including team formation and team advertising, recruiting sales associates, developing an office policy and procedures manual, and document management.

This course meets Virginia's six-hour broker management requirement AND 2-hour broker supervision requirement for license renewal for principal brokers and supervising brokers.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • illustrate how a company policy becomes a company procedure.
  • •outline what a good policy and procedures manual should do
  • create proper document management practices to reduce liability and minimize risk
  • discuss the various management responsibilities of the principal and/or supervising broker in regard to ensuring licensee compliance with the Code of Virginia
  • demonstrate an understanding of the Code of Virginia's laws regarding managing a real estate brokerage company in Virginia

Designed For

Virginia principal brokers and supervising brokers

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