Massachusetts LTC: Programs, Policies, and MassHealth (Does Meet MA LTC)


Few issues are more compelling than the need for long-term care. As our population ages, and as more and more people live longer in their retirement years, ever-larger numbers will be forced to confront this issue. The question is, will they be prepared? Are you, as a producer or financial advisor, ready and able to counsel your clients and prospects on long-term care and the options available for funding and delivering that care?

This course offers a comprehensive study of long-term care and long-term care insurance. Designed to meet Massachusetts’s 8-hour training requirement for licensed producers who sell long-term care insurance, the course covers the nature of long-term care, available long-term care services and providers, long-term care insurance products, government-sponsored health care options (including Medicaid), partnership programs, alternative LTC funding options, and the ethical and suitability issues associated with long-term care products and policies. The course concludes with a chapter on Massachusetts’ Medicaid program—MassHealth—and the requirements that apply to long-term care insurance policies that can qualify their owners for certain MassHealth asset and estate recovery exemptions. 

Important Note: Please verify you have the proper license before ordering and completing this course.

Learning Objectives

Upon conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • describe the conditions that have led to the growing need for long-term care
  • explain the types of LTC providers and the services they offer
  • demonstrate an understanding of the options and limitations of Medicare and Medicaid for paying for long-term care
  • outline and define the purpose, function, and application of long-term care insurance
  • identify the provisions and features found in long-term care insurance policies
  • explain the fundamentals of LTC partnership programs and the requirements for LTCI policies that are sold with these programs
  • demonstrate an understanding of the ethics and suitability issues that surround the sale of LTC insurance
  • describe the basics of MassHealth and the state's long-term care partnership program

This course is listed with the State of Massachusetts under the title LTC Progs, Pols, and DOES meet MA LTC Approved Training Reqs.

Designed For

Life and health insurance producers

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