Smart Tech, Smarter Agent: Smart Technology in the Residential Marketplace


As technology continues to evolve, it is increasingly finding its way inside our homes. This changing landscape of technology means there is a new terrain for agents to navigate. Although agents are not expected to be tech experts, they do need to be able to talk intelligently to clients about smart home devices. This course is designed to help residential real estate agents recognize the variety of smart devices on the market today to best serve clients when buying or selling a smart home. The course also explores how smart devices impact the value of properties and helps prepare agents for the realities of working in today's current technology-rich, residential real estate environment.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • recognize the growing demand for smart home devices among various demographic groups
  • identify how the use of smart technology is impacting the real estate industry
  • describe the various smart devices that can be found in a smart home
  • explain the features of smart devices that attract sellers and buyers
  • summarize how smart home technology can benefit older homeowners and those with physical disabilities
  • describe how appraisers value smart technology
  • recognize how to ensure data security when using smart devices
  • explain the steps sellers should take to protect their privacy when smart devices convey with a property
  • identify the privacy and surveillance issues that arise when selling and buying homes with smart technology

Designed For

Real estate licensees at all stages of their careers who want to learn about smart home technology

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