Washington Real Estate Fair Housing


Although the Fair Housing Act was enacted over 50 years ago, housing discrimination continues to be a problem throughout the country. This mandatory three-hour course presents a comprehensive overview of the federal Fair Housing Act and the Washington Law Against Discrimination. The course provides brokers with the information needed to understand both the societal and historical context of housing discrimination and to develop business practices that ensure compliance with fair housing laws.

This course meets the three-hour fair housing continuing education requirement in Washington.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, of this course, students will be able to:

  • examine the societal implications of housing discrimination
  • explain the historical context of housing discrimination
  • analyze the legal framework designed to prevent discrimination
  • list the groups identified as protected classes under federal and state law
  • identify the steps required to prevent housing discrimination in Washington State
  • summarize the rulings of court cases that have identified discriminatory practices
  • discuss their role in the prevention of discrimination in housing
  • recognize common practices that violate fair housing laws
  • explain the process for filing fair housing complaints and the penalties that may be imposed
  • prepare for the future with up-to-date knowledge on housing discrimination in Washington

Designed For

Washington licensees who completed a 6-hour Fair Housing course in a prior licensing period

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