Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplemental Benefits


As more consumers cross the threshold into retirement and reach the age of 65, the issue of health care is bound to be central to their financial planning. At the heart of senior health care programs is Medicare, and one of the critical decisions that seniors have to make is which Medicare program they should elect: Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage.

With recent changes to Medicare Advantage-notably the expansion of the type and kind of supplemental benefits MA plans can offer-consumer interest and enrollments in these plans continues to grow. Producers must be knowledgeable about these plans and the benefits they can offer in order to adequately and professionally advise Medicare enrollees and potential enrollees.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate understanding of the coverage provided by Medicare in general
  • describe the distinctions between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans
  • explain how and why Medicare Advantage plans are changing and what this may mean for consumers
  • summarize the type and scope of supplemental benefits that Medicare Advantage plans may now offer
  • cite significant changes to the marketing and sales rules that pertain to Medicare Advantage plans

Designed For

Insurance producers who represent Medicare-related products and plans, as well as any advisor who serves the senior market

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