Working with Senior Clients in Real Estate


The senior market is represented by a unique and diverse group of individuals. This demographic group has the highest net worth among all households and is expected to increase exponentially over the coming decades.

As the senior population ages, a number of associated challenges may occur. Some individuals may experience changes in physical and cognitive capacities and may need to make housing changes to better accommodate their needs. Others may simply wish to retire to warmer climates or to downsize. Often, the decision to sell or buy a home is driven by a combination of reasons.

Those who want to work with and serve the senior market ethically and effectively must adjust their business practices and protocols to meet the challenges--and opportunities--this market presents. This course will help licensees better understand the many different ways to successfully help senior clients relocate and meet their changing housing objectives.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • explain general characteristics of the senior demographic
  • list the various reasons why senior clients may choose to, or may need to, move from their homes
  • describe the types of housing commonly available for senior clients and how certain options may best align with the client's needs and expectations
  • identify when aging in place may be an option over relocation, and how housing may be adapted to meet the client's needs
  • explain how to build a network of professional experts available to assist senior clients
  • recognize ways to communicate effectively with senior clients
  • explain how to work with family members and recognize situations when family members need to be involved while still maintaining the privacy of client information
  • state the purpose and requirements of Home Equity Conversion Mortgages and what to expect when selling a house with a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage
  • explain special marketing considerations when working with senior clients and how marketing to seniors may differ compared to other demographics

Designed For

Real estate licensees at all stages of their careers who work with senior clients

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