West Virginia Broker Management Duties and Responsibilities


The West Virginia Real Estate Commission sets high expectations for brokers who are responsible for monitoring the activities of both unlicensed staff and the firm's affiliated salespersons and associate brokers. Importantly, brokers must adequately supervise and manage the firm's day-to-day business operations. This course provides a detailed overview of the West Virginia laws and rules that governs brokers' responsibilities with regard to advertising, antitrust matters, trust account handling, and agency disclosure.

This course meets the three-hour broker supervision and management CE course requirement that brokers and associate brokers must complete.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • describe the West Virginia Real Estate Commission's composition, role, and authority
  • explain the need for and role of a designated broker
  • identify the requirements for managing a firm's business operations
  • describe license maintenance requirements and exemptions
  • recognize license violations and related broker responsibilities
  • summarize West Virginia's trust account requirements
  • identify agency types and disclosure requirements
  • describe advertising requirements and restrictions and the broker's role in advertising
  • recognize real estate-related antitrust violations
  • describe the West Virginia licensing law investigation and disciplinary process

Designed For

Brokers and associate brokers in West Virginia

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