Social Media with a K.I.S.S.: Digital Marketing for Finance Professionals


Whether you're a real estate professional, CPA, or other financial services provider looking to boost your online presence, this engaging course offers a fresh perspective on leveraging social media and technology to grow your business.

What you will learn

  • identify the key elements for engaging audiences on social media platforms
  • recognize personal branding techniques that resonate with prospects on social media
  • recall how to convert social media reach into meaningful professional relationships and business opportunities
  • identify the value of multimedia content creation in expanding digital presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • recognize the competitive edge possible on platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn
  • remember that you can apply metrics-driven assessment mechanisms for social media marketing effectiveness

Designed For:

Financial professionals at all stages of their careers who want to learn social media marketing strategies to grow their business and connect with clients. 

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