Medicare Compliance Training for Agents and Brokers


Medicare plays a critical role in ensuring access to health care for millions of Americans. Choosing the appropriate Medicare plan is one of the most important decisions faced by newly eligible and current Medicare beneficiaries each year, yet the various options can be confusing and every consumer's circumstances are unique. Insurance agents are trusted to help their clients navigate the Medicare program and make the best choices possible. For this reason, it's critically important that insurance producers fully understand the ins and outs of the Medicare program, including changes to the program from one year to the next. With annual Medicare training, agents and other financial professionals do more than satisfy a regulatory requirement-they also exhibit a commitment to professionalism for their clients, the companies they represent, and their own businesses.

Learning Objectives

This training is intended for those who sell or solicit Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug plans, stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, 1876 Cost Plans, and Medicare-Medicaid plans. The course provides insurance producers with an understanding of Medicare coverage, coverage delivery options, beneficiary protections, and marketing rules. This course meets the CMS annual training and testing requirements for agents and brokers who sell Medicare products.

This course covers:

  • original Medicare Part A and Part B, including eligibility, coverages, and costs
  • Medicare Advantage plan structures, delivery options, and optional benefits
  • Part D prescription drug plans delivery options, benefits, rules, and costs
  • enrollment periods, the enrollment process and beneficiary options, required consumer discussion points, and disenrollment
  • appeals and grievances procedures
  • marketing and communication regulations
  • the issues of fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicare program 

Designed For

Agents and brokers required to complete annual Medicare compliance training, Life and Health producers 

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