Conflict Resolution for Funeral Directors


Funeral directors in many areas of the country have reported an increase in family conflicts that have escalated into fights and even shootings at churches, funeral homes, and gravesites. While most family disagreements at funerals do not intensify to this degree, funeral directors must be prepared to address the emotional extremes that can fuel conflict.

This course provides an overview of the reasons conflicts may develop; the types of disputes that may arise over funeral arrangements, and the steps that funeral directors can take to defuse family arguments and make work environments safer. The course will also help funeral directors develop the skills necessary to foresee emotionally charged situations and to navigate any negative family dynamics that may arise during the critical days that follow a loved one’s death.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • understand the dynamics of conflict
  • identify different ways that people react to conflict
  • learn the basic skills needed for conflict resolution
  • maintain ethical standards when dealing with conflict

Designed For

Funeral professionals at any level of their careers

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