Texas Vital Statistics


This course describes the death registration process in Texas and provides instructions for completing and filing death certificates along with related permits using the Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar (TxEVER).

A death certificate is a permanent legal record of an individual's death and is extremely important to the family of the deceased person. The information recorded on the death certificate is used to apply for insurance benefits, to settle pension claims, and to transfer title of real and personal property. Information recorded on a death certificate provides evidence of the fact of death and can be produced as evidence in a court of law. The course explains the process of filing a death certificate and the information that must be included, and provides an in-depth look at how the TxEVER system operates.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • explain how death registration requires a cooperative effort between the funeral director, the certifier of the cause of death, and the informant who provides person information about the deceased
  • recognize how to fill out and electronically file a death certificate in Texas
  • describe when the medical examiner, justice of the peace, or attending physician, physician assistant, or advance practice registered nurse will certify a death
  • explain the line-by-line instructions to follow when completing a certificate of death
  • identify the features and purpose of TxEVER

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