Funeral Customs with Military Honors


Funeral professionals will undoubtedly be asked at various times in their careers to help families arrange military funeral honors for veterans. Understanding the eligibility requirements for military honors and explaining the types of burial benefits available are just a few of the important responsibilities of the funeral director.

In this course, funeral directors will learn how to organize, plan, and conduct a military funeral. The course addresses such important topics as military funeral honors law; the proper positioning of military pallbearers, color guard, and clergy during a military service; flag etiquette and how to properly display a U.S. military burial flag; how much the VA will reimburse for burial expenses; how headstones and markers for a member of the military should be inscribed; and more.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • identify the eligibility requirements to receive military funeral honors
  • list the steps to secure military honors for veterans
  • recognize the burial benefits available to veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • describe how to display a U.S. burial flag on three types of caskets
  • understand how to best assist families in securing veterans' burial benefits

Designed For

Funeral professionals at all stages in their careers

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