2024-2025 Law and Ethics Update: Life, Health, and Variable Annuities (215)


This course is designed and approved for the 4-hour law and ethics update requirement for Florida-licensed life, health and variable annuity insurance agents (5-215). It provides an overview of how the insurance industry is regulated in Florida and takes an in-depth look at the licensing, advertising, recordkeeping, and continuing education requirements that apply to agents, insurers, and insurance agencies. It also highlights different actions that violate the state's laws against unfair or deceptive practices and discusses recent examples of individuals and entities against which disciplinary action has been taken. The course offers an overview of recent regulatory changes, state and federal, that affect the business of insurance.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will have a working knowledge of:

  • Florida's insurance rules and regulations
  • agents' ethical duties
  • insurance law and updates (state and federal)
  • disciplinary and industry trends

Designed For

Florida-licensed life, health and variable annuity producers

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