IRMI on Homeowners: Liability Coverages

Course Description
This course focuses on the liability coverage (Section II) of the 2000 edition of Homeowners 3—Special Form. It addresses many of the personal liability loss exposures that homeowners face. The two main areas—personal liability and medical payments to others—are described in detail. The objectives for this course include an understanding of the following:

  • the basis of legal liability and the way in which homeowners insurance functions to protect insureds from the financial consequences of that liability
  • the concepts of bodily injury, property damage, occurrence, and damages, with detailed examples of each
  • differentiation between personal liability and “medical payments to others” coverages
  • all of the various personal liability and medical payments exclusions
  • additional liability coverages, such as claim expenses and damage to property of others
  • the ten conditions applicable to liability coverage

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