Fraud and Auto Theft Investigations

Course Description
Auto theft is one of the most prolific claims presented to personal lines and commercial lines automobile insurers. Most theft claims are legitimate and involve a crime against the insured. Some, however, are fraudulent. The purpose of this course is to examine the topic of insurance fraud, with an emphasis on fraudulent auto theft claims. It reviews issues related to investigations and investigative techniques when the vehicle is recovered and when it is not recovered, and describes methods of determining the value of a stolen automobile. The course examines red flags most directly associated with auto theft investigation and the investigation of suspicious auto theft claim. The course concludes with an explanation of some of the challenges insurers face when dealing with insurance fraud and why it is so important that they actively fight fraud.  

The course covers these topics: 
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Auto Theft Investigation
  • Valuation of a Stolen Automobile
  • Auto Theft Red Flags
  • Addressing Insurance Fraud
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