Ethics and the Trust Factor

This all-video based course features two experienced insurance instructors—Doug Dohrn, Sr., and Doug Dohrn, Jr.—who present their course on ethics and the trust factor. The course offers a seasoned, practical view of ethical principles and how those principles can and should be woven into an insurance producer’s practice, day-in and day-out. The speakers emphasize the concept of the “ethical mindset,” which positively affects a person’s business relationships and business practices. Drawing on the teachings of Peter Drucker and Tom Wolff, the Dohrns explain how a producer’s role must, first and foremost, focus on helping consumers recognize and address their financial needs. Ethical insurance producers are actually in the business of trust creation, and the speakers describe various ways—through words, motions, movements, actions, deeds—that producers can help engender trust in themselves, their products, and the solutions they offer to the public. The course concludes with practical ideas producers can use to create their own personal code of ethics.  

The course covers these topics:
  • Introduction to Ethics and the Trust Factor
  • Producer Approaches
  • The Importance of the Ethical Mindset
  • Confucian Ethics as a Single Rule
  • Understanding the Ethical Implications of Risk Transfer Needs
  • Creating Trust with Applied Skills
  • Ethical Conduct and Leadership
  • How a Leader Operates
  • The Personal Ethics Code (PEC)
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