California 15-Hour Life Settlement Broker Training Course

The purpose of this course is to provide the 15 hours of required continuing education training for California life settlement brokers. Covering the topics cited on the state’s “15-Hour Life Settlement Broker Outline,” the course offers in-depth explanations and numerous examples pertaining to life settlements issues and transactions in California. The course also covers the broker’s responsibilities—legal and ethical—in effecting such transactions. 

The course includes the following chapters:

Chapter 1 – Overview of Life Settlements
Chapter 2 – The Life Settlement Transaction Process
Chapter 3 – Regulatory Requirements for Life Settlements
Chapter 4 – Life Settlement Suitability Considerations
Chapter 5 – Life Settlement Ethics
Chapter 6 – Fraudulent Life Settlement Activity
Chapter 7 – Future Developments
Appendix -  Definition of Terms; Life Agent Disclosure Requirements for Sales to

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