California Homeowners Insurance Valuation

Course Description

This course covers the training outline as revised in 2011.

In order to successfully meet the requirements of the California Insurance Code, a Fire and Casualty Broker-Agent or Personal Lines Broker-Agent must have significant knowledge of the proper methods of estimating the replacement value of structures. With this training, agents will be able to explain various levels of coverage under a homeowners insurance policy, have an understanding of the elements that comprise the value of a dwelling, convey this information to insureds, and make recommendations for the appropriate levels of coverage.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Homeowners Policies vs. Dwelling Policies
  • Basic Property Valuation Concepts
  • Components of a Dwelling’s Replacement Value
  • How Catastrophes Affect Replacement Costs
  • Endorsements to Homeowners and Dwelling Policies
  • Types of Building Construction
  • Methodology of Determining Value
  • Wildfire Mitigation
  • California Residential Property Insurance Disclosure

This course has been approved to meet California’s three-hour training requirement  for agents who transact, negotiate, or sell homeowners’ (HO) insurance.

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