IRMI - Understanding Personal Auto Insurance


Course Description
This course provides an introduction to personal auto insurance, focusing on the standard coverage developed for this line ISO. This standard coverage is provided by the 2005 edition of the Personal Auto Policy (PP 00 01), the most commonly used edition upon which many of the insurer forms are predicated. The course looks briefly at the historical development of personal auto insurance, including an analysis of key rules, such as eligibility and use classifications; its main focus is on the coverages provided by the Personal Auto Policy (PAP), including the following.

  • Liability coverage (Part A), including the duty to defend provision and supplementary payments
  • Medical Payments coverage (Part B), including the insuring agreement and an analysis of each of the exclusions
  • Uninsured Motorists coverage (Part C), including a discussion of the “uninsured motor vehicle” definition
  • Physical Damage coverage (Part D), including an analysis of collision coverage and “other than collision” coverage
  • Duties After an Accident or Loss (Part E) conditions
  • General Provisions (Part F), which includes an analysis of each of the 12 conditions
  • Countrywide personal auto endorsements

Loss scenarios and examples are used throughout this analysis to facilitate understanding. 

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