AFIS 2: Farm Liability

Course Description
Farming, ranching, and agribusiness remain significant parts of the US economy. In fact, agricultural products raised in the United States find their way into the world's food supply. While the global marketplace represents a huge economic opportunity for the agribusiness community, it is not without its risks. People the world over are concerned about access to an abundant, safe food supply. Anyone in the food chain can be held responsible when food safety requirements are not met.

This course—AFIS 2: Farm Liability—provides a detailed overview and analysis of the liability exposures faced by farmers and a thorough understanding of the various insurance products that can be used in arranging an insurance program on their behalf. The course examines the most common insurance coverage forms available in the marketplace, including a study of coverage provided as well as excluded, commonly used endorsements, policy conditions, and miscellaneous provisions. The course includes the following chapters:

  • Farm Liability Risks and Insurance Overview
  • Farm Liability Coverage Form (Part I)
  • Farm Liability Coverage Form (Part II)
  • Additional Coverages, Coverage Extensions and Limits
  • Farm Liability Conditions
  • Endorsements

Learning Objectives
This is an intermediate-level self-study course. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • recognize a wide range of loss exposures that farm liability insurance can cover
  • determine whether a described loss exposure or claim is covered by Coverage H, I, J, or an additional coverage or coverage extension of the farm liability form, and identify the appropriate rationale for your conclusion
  • apply farm liability and umbrella policy definitions of various terms and phrases and indicate how they affect coverage in a given situation
  • recognize how the farm policy's limits of insurance and/or the coverage of an umbrella/excess policy applies in a given situation
  • identify the effect of various farm liability policy and umbrella policy conditions and recognize how each should apply in a given situation
  • recognize the circumstances under which it may become necessary to attach an endorsement to a commercial general liability or farm liability coverage form, select an appropriate endorsement, and understand its effect on coverage in a given situation

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