Identity Theft: Taxpayers and Tax Professionals

Identity Theft: it's a worldwide crime wave and it can affect every aspect of a taxpayer's life.  In this video based course, Kathy Morgan, EA, USTCP, will discuss how to keep clients safe from this crime, what to do if they are a victim, steps the IRS is taking to help prevent identity theft, and how the tax professional can keep their identity, offices and data safe from being stolen as well.

Learning Objectives

Upon conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • identify what identity theft is and what tax identity theft is;
  • recognize the signs that indicate a taxpayer may have been the victim of tax identity theft;
  • identify the steps that a client should take upon discovery that his or her identity has been compromised;
  • identify the general steps the IRS will take upon receiving a report of tax identity theft; and how they are working to protect taxpayers
  • identify best practice steps that tax practitioners can take to secure your tax office

Tax Year: 2018
Prerequisites: None

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