Recapture: Taming the Beast

The IRS definition of recapture is simple; taking back into income a deduction taken in a prior year. Such a simple concept that causes so many problems. Participants will learn the methods of recapture of depreciation, certain credits, and itemized deductions. Practical examples and case studies will show the mechanics of these techniques. Participants will also get a look at the opposite side of recapture in the Claim of Repayment regulations.

Learning Objectives

Upon conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify situations that trigger recapture
  • Identify how to report various types of recapture
  • Recognize the 1245 and 1250 property types and how sales of these properties effect a return
  • Calculate recapture or losses in various situations

Tax Year: 2018
Prerequisite: None

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