_OH_Commercial Auto Insurance: Understanding the Coverages

Course Description
This course provides an introduction to commercial auto insurance, focusing on the standard coverage forms (2013 edition dates) developed for this line by Insurance Services Office, Inc. It examines key motor vehicle statutes, the public policy issues behind the statutes, and the effect of these statutes on various types of commercial auto coverages.

The course begins by taking a broad look at some of the most common types of statutes. From there, the course moves on to a detailed analysis of the business auto coverage form, the motor carrier coverage form, and the auto dealers coverage form. Following that is a review of common endorsements to modify a policy’s provisions, expand or restrict coverage, add additional insureds, and tailor the policy to apply to specific types of risks. The course closes with a discussion of commercial auto rating.

The course includes the following chapters:

  • Auto Insurance Statutes
  • The Business Auto Policy
  • The ISO Motor Carrier Policy
  • The ISO Auto Dealers Policy
  • Commercial Auto Endorsements
  • Commercial Auto Insurance Rating

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