_OH_Understanding Crop Insurance Coverages


Course Description
Crop insurance is vital to farmers, helping them overcome the effects of events that reduce or destroy their crops. Crop insurance protects agricultural producers against either the loss of the crops themselves arising from natural disasters such as drought and hail, or the loss of revenue on the sale of their crops due to declines in the price of agricultural commodities. This course offers a comprehensive understanding of crop insurance, including private crop-hail insurance, federal crop insurance, and Whole-Farm Revenue Protection crop insurance.  The course also examines factors that should be considered when buying or selling crop insurance. 

The course includes these chapters: 

  • Crop Insurance Background
  • Private Crop-Hail Insurance
  • Federal Crop Insurance
  • Whole Farm Revenue Protection Crop Insurance
  • Factors to Consider When Buying or Selling Crop Insurance
  • Recent Developments in Crop Insurance

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