_OH_Ethics for Producers: Cases and Comments

The purpose of this course is to set forth the fundamentals of ethical practices that are associated with the business of selling insurance: both mandated requirements as well as expected standards. The course takes a practical approach to this topic by including numerous real-life case studies that illustrate the problems and issues that arise when ethics are ignored or neglected. Drawing from these case studies, the course explains the ethical principles that should be integrated into a producer’s day-to-day business practice, emphasizing the standards and ideals that can enhance performance and lead to a higher level of service and success. Case studies pertain to both life/health and property/casualty insurance.

Topics covered include:

  • ethics vs. compliance;
  • negligence;
  • the producer’s role in insurance transactions and the insurance relationship;
  • required and expected standards and practices;
  • the producer’s duties to insurers and to clients;
  • ethics in practice; and
  • practice cases for review.
This is an intermediate level course. Upon conclusion, students will be able to:  
  • understand the importance of a principled and ethical approach to one’s service and business
  • explain the difference between compliance standards and ethical standards
  • identify sales and service areas that are commonly associated with conflicts and problems, as illustrated through case law studies
  • develop an ethics-based approach to day-to-day sales and service activities.
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