_OH_The Collision Loss: Total or Repair

The auto physical damage loss can be challenging. There are unique problems when the vehicle is a total loss and others when the insurance company decides to repair the vehicle.  And, there may be coverage issues.

This course will explore the collision loss and cover the following areas:

  • what to expect with the total loss of a vehicle
  • issues that arise when the car is repaired
  • the three hurdles to finding coverage
  • coverage for the rental car

The physical damage claim can be a first-party claim where the damages to the vehicle are covered under the owner’s auto insurance. In other cases, it can be a third-party, liability claim. In this course, we will discuss only the loss when it is a first-party claim.

The course includes the following chapters:

  • The Total Loss
  • Repairing the Vehicle
  • Issues in Physical Damage
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