_OH_Disability Income Insurance

Disability income insurance is an invaluable tool to provide income when an insured becomes disabled. To help defray the costs that result from becoming disabled, many different types of disability insurance are available as well as government programs. The information in this course will help you to educate your clients on the features of these various types of disability insurance and programs. Specifically, this course analyzes individual disability insurance, employer-provided disability insurance, government programs that pay disability benefits, and the taxes insureds can expect to pay on these benefits. Also provided in the course is a discussion of the disability-related expenses these programs do not cover. 

The course includes the following chapters:
  • Introduction to Disability Income Insurance
  • Disability Insurance for Businesses
  • Individual Disability Insurance
  • Other Types of Disability Insurance
  • Disability and Social Security
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Other Government Disability Programs
  • Disability Insurance and Taxes
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