_OH_ACA, Small Businesses, and SHOPs

This course provides an overview of the changes that the Affordable Care Act brought about for businesses and the small group health market. The provisions of the law that most directly affect businesses are the employer shared responsibility and its penalty for not offering coverage to employees, the small business health care tax credit, and the establishments of SHOPs—Small Business Health Options Programs—in every state. The course also provides a general overview of the role of agents and brokers in the federally facilitated SHOP, which currently is the model that the majority of states elected.  

The course includes the following chapters:
  • Overview of ACA
  • ACA’s Effect on Businesses
  • SHOPs
  • Agents, Brokers and SHOPs
This is an intermediate level course. Upon completion, students will be able to:
  • explain the major market reforms and consumer protection measures that ACA brought about
  • explain ACA’s shared responsibility provision for employers and its attending penalties: to whom the responsibility applies and when penalties may be assessed
  • demonstrate an understanding of the small business health care tax credit
  • list the requirements that apply to grandfathered health plans and contrast them to those that apply to new (non-grandfathered) plans 
  • explain the basics of SHOPs: their purpose and function
  • describe how licensed insurance producers can work with small business owners through the federally facilitated SHOP 

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