Principles of Wealth Management _OH

Principles of Wealth Management considers the important financial issues faced by all people but felt most acutely by individuals nearing retirement. It examines the critical issues of: 

  • maintaining one’s lifestyle despite the loss of, or reduction in, earned income;
  • protecting assets against inflation and the high costs of long-term care; and
  • transferring maximum assets to the next generation through the use of life insurance, trusts, and tax-efficient strategies.

Principles of Wealth Management covers the following:

  • Critical Issues in Managing Wealth
  • Annuities to Create and Distribute Wealth
  • Long-Term Care Insurance to Protect Wealth
  • Life Insurance to Facilitate Wealth Transfer
  • Accumulating, Protecting, and Transferring Wealth

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the critical issues in managing wealth
  • define and differentiate the different types of long-term care
  • explain the nature and extent of long-term care costs and the sources of long-term care funding
  • demonstrate an understanding of the methods of minimizing estate transfer costs
  • explain the characteristics and tax treatment of fixed and variable annuities
  • explain the principal variations of fixed annuities
  • cite the basic characteristics of long term care insurance

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