_OH_Principles of Wealth Management

Principles of Wealth Management considers the important financial issues faced by all people but felt most acutely by individuals nearing retirement. It examines the critical issues of: 

  • maintaining one’s lifestyle despite the loss of, or reduction in, earned income;
  • protecting assets against inflation and the high costs of long-term care; and
  • transferring maximum assets to the next generation through the use of life insurance, trusts, and tax-efficient strategies.

Principles of Wealth Management covers the following:

  • Critical Issues in Managing Wealth
  • Annuities to Create and Distribute Wealth
  • Long-Term Care Insurance to Protect Wealth
  • Life Insurance to Facilitate Wealth Transfer
  • Accumulating, Protecting, and Transferring Wealth

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the critical issues in managing wealth
  • define and differentiate the different types of long-term care
  • explain the nature and extent of long-term care costs and the sources of long-term care funding
  • demonstrate an understanding of the methods of minimizing estate transfer costs
  • explain the characteristics and tax treatment of fixed and variable annuities
  • explain the principal variations of fixed annuities
  • cite the basic characteristics of long term care insurance

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