High Risk Direct Disposal: Lessons Learned from Ebola Outbreak


What should you do when faced with a high risk direct disposal case? Funeral directors were faced this question when the first U.S. Ebola case arrived in Dallas, Texas, in 2014.

This video-based course  provides firsthand testimony from a funeral director about the lessons he learned regarding proper removal, containment, and disposal in high-risk situations. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • describe the training needs of funeral directors dealing with a highly infectious disease
  • recognize the different roles played by individuals in the community and at the state level in a high-risk disease situation
  • understand the process used by funeral directors during a high risk disposal and the CDC guidelines developed to address removals
  • compare and contrast the role of a funeral director during a typical death versus a death involving a highly infectious disease

Designed For

Funeral professionals at all levels of their careers

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