Ohio Laws and Rules Regulating Funeral Directing, Embalming, and Cremation


What important laws and regulations must licensed funeral directors, embalmers, and cremationists comply with in Ohio?

This course explains the licensing, continuing education, reciprocity, record keeping, and prohibited conduct rules that apply to licensees in the state. It also highlights the procedures to be followed when cremation is the preferred method of disposition and outlines the requirements that apply to preneed contracts. The course concludes with a discussion of the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Industry Practices Rule, which sets forth a list of required disclosures that must be made about funeral service prices and goods.

This course fulfills the two-hour continuing education course requirement for Ohio Laws and Rules regulating the practice of funeral directing, embalming, and cremation.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • understand the licensing and continuing education requirements for Ohio funeral directors and embalmers
  • identify prohibited and unprofessional conduct and the disciplinary actions that may be taken against licensees and permit holders
  • explain the state-mandated rules that apply to the cremation process, including the use of cremation authorization forms
  • describe the required information and disclosures that must be included in preneed contracts
  • discuss the requirements that apply to payments held in trust for preneed contracts
  • discuss the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Industry Practices Rule

Designed For

Funeral directors and embalmers at any stage in their careers
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