Public Speaking for Funeral Directors


Funeral directors must speak in public all the time. Whether explaining the services they offer, meeting with the family of the deceased, speaking at a memorial service, or training staff, public speaking is part of the job. Public speaking is also a skill that can be learned and that improves with practice.

Whether the funeral director is a seasoned public speaker or becomes fearful at the very idea of speaking in public, this course provides important information on how to improve your communication skills and overcome any fears of public speaking. The course also examines how to craft an appropriate and comforting funeral speech and handle difficult conversations with bereaved family members.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • recognize how to address the needs and expectations of different types of audiences
  • illustrate how to craft an effective funeral speech and deliver a comforting message to family members
  • describe the need for a funeral speech to acknowledge a family's loss, celebrate the deceased's life, and offer an optimistic view for the future
  • identify the specific tone, rhythm, and style of grief-driven speechmaking
  • learn how to overcome the primary fears that most people have about public speaking
  • perform the three-step process that can be used to make public speeches easier to organize, write, and deliver

Designed For

Funeral professionals at any level of their careers

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