Farm Liability


Farm Liability insurance policies protect farms of all sizes from financial loss. Combining concepts from both homeowners and general liability into one policy, the Farm Liability Coverage Form addresses personal and commercial exposures associated with agribusiness.

The purchase of this WebCE EXCEED series on Farm Liability insurance will give you a one year access to 12 episodes. The episodes will guide you through the basic coverages, exclusions and endorsements of the Farm Liability Coverage Form. The interactive training videos will help you recall information about Farm Liability insurance and apply what you’ve learned to real world scenarios.  

Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this series will be able to:

  • Identify why a farm needs liability insurance and the types of exposures it covers
  • Determine who qualifies as an insured under the policy
  • Apply the coverage provided under insuring agreements, exclusions, and endorsements of a standard farm liability policy to specific situations

Designed For

This series focuses on the application of the basic principles and concepts of Farm Liability insurance coverages. It is designed for newly licensed insurance professionals including CSRs, producers, and adjusters.
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