Solving the Named Insured Puzzle in Commercial Lines Policies CLEQ


What could be puzzling about named insureds? What about:

  • Who or what should an insurance application list as the named insured(s),especially if more than one person or entity is to be covered?
  • If there is to be more than one named insured, in what order should the named insureds be listed?
  • What other kinds of insureds are there, and how are their rights and duties different from those of a named insured?
  • Should all of an entity's commercial policies list the same named insured(s)?

This course aims to answer these questions and others, providing a guide for determining who can be a named insured and "other insureds" under a wide range of commercial insurance coverages.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • recognize the nature and importance of insurable interest requirements
  • recognize various types of insureds that commercial insurance policies might cover
  • recognize the distinctions among named insureds and other types of insureds in commercial insurance policies and the rights and duties associated with each type
  • recognize the issues that can arise with additional insured status

Designed For

Property/casualty insurance producers, adjusters
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