7/1/20-6/30/21 Salesperson & Broker Required Module: Minnesota Disclosure Laws


Disclosure remains a hot topic in the real estate industry today because failure to disclose and incomplete disclosure continue to be the leading cause of most real estate disputes. This course provides a comprehensive overview of Minnesota's disclosure laws and explores real estate licensees' disclosure requirements when advertising and conducting business as well as sellers' disclosure requirements. Material fact disclosures, exceptions to the disclosure requirements, selling "as is," and special disclosure items relating to environmental and other matters are also examined.

This course meets the 3.75-hour mandatory continuing education course requirement for salespersons and brokers.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • explain real estate licensees' disclosure requirements when conducting business and advertising
  • recognize sellers' duties to disclose material facts and how to the properly complete the Seller's Property Disclosure Statement Form
  • identify alternatives to the Seller's Property Disclosure Statement Form, including waivers and third-party inspection reports
  • explain sellers' disclosure responsibilities relating to environmental problems such as formaldehyde, hazardous waste, mold, and vapor intrusion
  • describe sellers' special disclosure requirements regarding predatory sexual offenders, airport zoning regulations, lead-based paint, radon, wells, and other items
  • explain the disclosure requirements that apply when selling manufactured homes and common interest communities

Designed For

Minnesota brokers and salespersons

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