2020-2022 A Walk Through the Law


2020-2022 A Walk Through the Law takes an in-depth look at the laws and regulations governing the practice of real estate in South Carolina. It begins with an overview of how to find real estate laws and read statutes so you can easily find relevant information that's needed to practice lawfully in the state. The course then explores the duties of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission, procedures to be followed when applying for and renewing licenses, brokerage firms' duties to clients, agency relationships, and duties of the BIC. It also describes the laws that regulate property managers, their trust accounting responsibilities, and the management of residential multiunit rentals. The course concludes with an important discussion of the types of actions that may lead to disciplinary action by the Commission and the penalties that may be imposed.

This course meets the four-hour mandatory core course requirement for continuing education.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • locate the license law and mandatory forms on the LLR website
  • discuss the purpose and duties of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission
  • recognize the duties of the BIC and associated licensees
  • describe the trust account guidelines that licensees must follow
  • discuss the duties licensees have to buyers and sellers
  • explain the difference between dual agency and designated agency
  • identify the procedures to be followed when applying for and renewing salesperson, broker, broker-in-charge, property manager, and property manager-in-charge licenses
  • state the grounds for denying the issuance of a license or for taking disciplinary action against a licensee

Designed For

South Carolina licensed real estate salespersons, brokers, and brokers-in-charge

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