Course 5 - Wisconsin Real Estate Law and Practice


Wisconsin licensees are kept in the "know" through the states required 18 hours of approved education. This course, number 5 in the series, focuses on the creation and management of trust funds, the proper use of the Real Estate Condition Report and closes out with a thorough discussion of Wisconsin Tenant/Landlord Laws.

There are no longer elective course requirements as part of the 18 required hours. This course satisfies the three-hour requirement for Course 5, Wisconsin Real Estate Law and Practice.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • describe the types of accounts established for real estate trust funds in Wisconsin
  • discuss the receipt and disbursement of earnest money
  • explain bookkeeping responsibilities and accounting record keeping requirements associated with trust fund accounts
  • describe the information disclosed in Wisconsin's seller disclosure forms
  • discuss the rules regarding timeframes for seller disclosure and any subsequent amendments
  • explain licensees' duties with regard to adverse material facts
  • discuss listing contracts and tenant representation agreements used in landlord-tenant relations
  • cite Wisconsin law regarding tenant security deposits
  • discuss the notice requirements when terminating tenancy

Designed For

Wisconsin licensed brokers and salespersons

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