Property Management (NC)


Real estate professionals who are looking to grow their property management business or taking on their first property need to understand the duties of a property manager, common tenant issues that are likely to arise, and how to comply with state and federal laws governing anti-discrimination, disclosure, employment, and landlord-tenant matters. This course will also help licensees understand the skills that are necessary to ensure success as a property manager and how to build solid relationships with property owners.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • describe a residential property manager's functions and responsibilities
  • identify the trends that affect property management
  • explain the steps in launching a successful property management business
  • recognize how to build and maintain successful relationships with property owners
  • understand federal, state, and local laws that govern property management practices involving disclosure, anti-discrimination, advertising, employment, and landlord-tenant law

Designed For

North Carolina real estate licensees at all stages in their career

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