Course 1 - Wisconsin Listing Contracts


This course examines the WB-1 Residential Listing Contract--Exclusive Right to Sell which gives the broker and broker's agents authority to act on behalf of a property owner in the sale of a property. It examines different aspects of the listing contract related to protected buyers, exclusions, extension of listings, marketing, advertising, and open houses. The course also reviews the different agency relationships that can be established in Wisconsin, the rules that govern them, and the required duties of licensees to clients, customers, and all parties to a transaction.

This course satisfies the three-hour requirement for Course 1, Wisconsin Listing Contract.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • describe what it means to be a protected buyer
  • explain what exclusions are and how the listing contract handles them
  • identify how the extension of listing applies to protected buyers and firms who list property
  • describe what the listing contract specifies about marketing, including advertising rules, seller cooperation with marketing, and open houses
  • recognize how agency relationships are established and terminated
  • recall licensees' duties to clients, customers, and all parties to a transaction
  • explain the details of multiple representation and what subagency means

Designed For

Wisconsin licensed brokers and salespersons

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