Land Management


Land is a natural resource, an economic driver, and a social asset. Given the importance of land to the present and future condition of our country, it is imperative that it is carefully and strategically managed. This course explores aspects of land management including land-use planning, land acquisition, land development, and land investments as well as land brokerage. It also explores how REITs can be used to invest in different types of land.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • describe the different aspects of land ownership
  • explain smart growth and similar management strategies as they pertain to land in urban and rural areas
  • recognize the role of the real estate industry in urban development
  • describe the process involved in evaluating land and engaging in land brokerage transactions
  • explain how REITs and other types of land investment vehicles operate

Designed For

Real estate licensees at all levels in their careers.

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