Commercial Lines Reinforcements


EXCEED Commercial Lines Reinforcements keep you at your best! Reinforcements provide a quick refresher on a Commercial Lines topic and give you the chance to apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios. Each reinforcement builds on what you already know with engaging, interactive situations based on actual client concerns, and challenges you to show your skills.

Twice a week for one year, a link will be delivered directly to your inbox and take you to a 2-3 minute engaging, fun refresher on a Commercial Lines topic. Through each module you will warm up with a brain teaser, review an important Commercial Lines topic, complete a knowledge check, then wrap up with a key take away and call-to-action. For the most impact, view right away and take action the same day!

  • You’ll receive access to the 4 most recent reinforcements on your Dashboard at the time of purchase
  • Each reinforcement remains active for 2 weeks on your Dashboard
  • When a new reinforcement is received, the oldest one will drop off your Dashboard
  • Review it as many times as you like during the 2-week availability

Designed For

Producers, CSRs, Experienced and Newly Licensed Professionals 
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