Exam Prep Plus - EXCEED Health Reinforcements


Elevate your license exam prep studies and jump start your new career with Exam Prep Plus. This unique package provides everything you need to successfully prepare for the Health License Examination and launch into your new career with greater confidence.

Exam Prep Plus starts with WebCE’s complete exam prep package which includes the Health Agent Exam Prep Course covering Texas’ current health insurance exam content outline along with powerful study tools, State Exam Tutor® and Flash Tutor® to help you master the material before exam day. 

Learning Objectives

To enhance your retention of the course material even more, take advantage of the EXCEED Reinforcements included in this package. An animated microlearning reinforcement will be delivered to you each day, Monday – Friday. Access these directly from your email or your student dashboard.

EXCEED Reinforcements give you the added benefits of:
Practical application to give you an edge as a newly licensed professional in working with clients and earning business
Helping you apply knowledge to real life scenarios in a fun and engaging manner while testing your skills
Strengthening your retention of exam prep concepts while increasing your understanding of how health insurance really works
To keep you engaged and ready for your new career, EXCEED Reinforcements will continue to be sent to your inbox for the full exam prep course access period—even if you complete the course early! Make the most out of your exam preparation and enhance your learning with Exam Prep Plus! 

Designed For

Newly licensed producer 

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